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Intracardiac echocardiography (ICE)


ICE has become more and more popular nowadays with its capability to visualize structures inside the chamber. Conventionally, physicians uses modalities like TEE to check for thrombus within the chamber prior to/during  AF ablation. ICE allows physicians to have full control of the catheter, this may benefit institutes where echo technicians are in shorts.

ICE has been used to also help reduce the discomfort/ potential damage that is sometime associated with transesophageal probe placement making it ideal for those patient at risk of complications.

ICE has been used to assist transeptal puncture in cases where physicians prefer to perform the procedure entirely under zero-fluoro approach.

ICE can be apply to assist catheter placement, structure identification, effusion detection, ablation monitoring and more, we hope to explore its clinical application with our clients in the near future!




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