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Cardea SOLO is now available in Taiwan for order


Cardea SOLO is a 7-day ambulatory ECG, featuring instant in-house report generation. Cardea SOLO helps physicians obtaining ECG trace onsite right after patch removal, allowing full control without the time-consuming report generation process by third-party. With the integrated workflow, cardiologists and health check-up centers can work more efficiently.

SilverBell has been in the field of electrophysiology for more than two decades, we believe with Cardea SOLO, our completed arrhythmia profile can now help us meet the unmet demand. We would like to have you experience our patch and understand how it can best suits your diagnostic protocol.

Please contact our sales representative for more information, or visit us at THRS 2022 autumn event at Kaohsiung!

Cardea SOLO is now available in Taiwan for order


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